A basic factorial program written using an asynchronous loop to yield control to Pub/Sub listeners. This component is mainly used for doing health checks on the system.

Video Streamer

Depends on: stream-buffers, fluent-ffmpeg

This Component reads from a video source at /data/sample.mp4 and then publishes the video stream to things-videostream/raw.

Motion Detector

Depends on: jimp

This Component subscribes to the video stream at things-videostream/raw and performs image differencing on subsequent frames. It publishes the diff-images as a stream to things-videostream/motion. If the image difference is larger than a specified threshold, it will publish a message to things-videostream/alarm.

RIoT Benchmarks

The library also includes a subset of the RIoT Benchmarks ported into JavaScript. The following benchmarks are available:

  • Extraction, Transform and Load dataflow (ETL)
  • Statistical Summarization dataflow (STATS)
  • Predictive Analytics dataflow (PRED)
  • Model Training dataflow (TRAIN)

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