Contributing to ThingsJS

  • There are many different ways to contribute to the ThingsJS open source community. These types of contributions include submitting code changes, interacting with users and questions from the community, verifying releases and submitting bug reports.

Helping Other Users

  • Helping other ThingsJS users on the mailing list. Helping new users with your expertise is a very helpful way of contributing to the community.

Testing and Verifying Releases and Release Candidates

  • For the different components of ThingsJS we need to perform tests to measure the performace and stability of the system. Those interested can get in touch by dropping a mail on the mailing list.

Improving Documentation

  • ThingsJS Documentation is the first thing which new users read when getting started with ThingsJS. To propose changes to the Documentation make changes in the guide folder and submit a pull request directly on github.

Contributing source code changes

  • The ThingsJS community is always encouraged and welcome to submit ThingsJS source code changes. Improving documentation, adding new features, and fixing bugs are important in making ThingsJS better. Other ThingsJS community maintainers will guide you through the process of successfully making changes to the ThingsJS source code.

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